Anderson Todd

Title Talk: A New Approach in Psychedelic Neurophenomenology


The psychedelic renaissance is seeing a resurgence in the investigation of cognitive capacities through psychoactive pharmacological agents. Yet existing studies of these substances, which compare phenomenological reports, brain physiology and differential activation, performance metrics, and measured effective doses, have remained unpredictable and failed to obtain the requisite fine-grained data needed for penetrating analysis and general theory. This talk will examine current problems facing psychedelic neurophenomenology in cognitive science, and propose a potential framework of novel techniques for solving those problems.


Anderson Todd is the Assistant Director of U of T’s Wisdom and Consciousness Lab. Following teaching on Consciousness in the Cognitive Science program at the University of Toronto, he consults as an enrichment education specialist, and is qualifying his certification as a Registered Psychotherapist. His current research interests include intelligence amplification, neurofeedback, neo-Jungian roleplaying theory, lucid dreaming, and practical psychotechnology.