Anne Wagner

Talk Title:

MDMA-assisted Cognitive Behavioral Conjoint Therapy for PTSD – Ongoing pilot study results


MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for PTSD has shown promise as an effective treatment, with large effect sizes in phase two trials and has recently received breakthrough therapy designation from the FDA in the United States. Current models of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for PTSD use a non-directive, supportive approach to psychotherapy. Current evidence demonstrates that Cognitive Behavioral therapies, as standalone treatments, provide significant symptom improvement in 50-60% of recipients. Given the strength of both of these types of treatment, an ongoing pilot study was designed to combine these approaches, specifically Cognitive Behavioral Conjoint Therapy for PTSD and MDMA-assisted psychotherapy, in order to facilitate the best possible results for individuals with PTSD. This presentation will give an overview of how this novel treatment combination was developed, and current results from the ongoing pilot study.



Dr. Anne Wagner is a clinical psychologist and researcher who is committed to helping understand and improve trauma recovery. She is a Postdoctoral Fellow at Ryerson University and her work is supported by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. Anne has a particular focus on innovating mental health interventions, for example by working with different treatment formats (like with couples), and facilitators of treatment (like MDMA). She is currently working on projects investigating treatments for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Trauma-Informed Care, and the experiences of people living with HIV and LGBTQ communities.