James Mackenzie

Talk Title: Sound and Transcendent Experience



Throughout time, the most potent psychedelic ceremonies have as a sine qua non a strong grounding in the use of sound. Profound examples abound, from Ayauasca Icaros, Shivite Ragas, Zen chanting, the inimitable Tibetan Buddhist atonal throat singing, to the Didgeridoos of Aboriginal Australians, to name but a few. Together, we will go on a historical survey, from the earliest songs of our ancestors, to the Sound at La Chorerra, and a practical exploration of these techniques across human history.  Ensure that you never again go unequiped into these dimentions again! Join James MacKenzie in this seminar for both a factual perspective and practical expreince with the sonic tools of Psychedelia; Tibetan bowls, didgeridoos, and even a lesson on Tibetan Chanting.



James MacKenzie is a professional Anti-Money Laundering expert and amature historian and musician. He has traveled extensively, is well versed in psychedelic plant teachers and thier ttaditional uses, and has lectured at professional confernces and Universities across North America. He lives in Toronto, Canada with his wife and baby daughter.